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Miranda (Miranda Hart)

Miranda has been running since 2009 and has had three series.

Series One (2009)Edit

Series One saw six episodes and ran from 9th November and 14th December 2009.

  1. Date - After an impromptu 'date' is planned with long-term crush Gary Preston, Miranda decides to take a trip to the new 'bespoke' clothing store, Transformers, to pick an outfit guaranteed to stop people calling her sir to her face.
  2. Teacher - Miranda is rather British when it comes to sex, or shenanigans as she likes to call it. Trying to overcome her hang-ups she decides the way forward with Gary would be to create a romantic moment so he'll see her in a sexual light.
  3. Job - Miranda heads to the gym and, after a fuchsia-face-inducing workout, decides it's perhaps not quite for her. She must therefore find a way of getting out of her water-tight contract with the gym.
  4. Holiday - Miranda decides she needs to be a bit reckless and wild and so decides to book a holiday at the local hotel down the road.
  5. Excuse - Penny decides to throw a Pride And Prejudice party in a bid to introduce Miranda to some eligible young men.
  6. Dog - The discovery of a handsome stranger's lost wallet in the shop prompts one of Miranda and Stevie's infamous competitions.

Series Two (2010)Edit

Series Two saw six episodes and ran from 15th November to 20th December 2010 and included its first Christmas special.

  1. The New Me - Stevie has her work cut out trying to stop Miranda spending all day in her pyjamas with a packet of biscuits for company, feeling sorry for herself that Gary departed for Hong Kong taking with him her chance of any relationship... no matter how unlikely that was.
  2. Before I Die - Miranda's recent experience in the graveyard gets her thinking. This week she starts to worry what her life is all about and what people would say at her funeral
  3. Let's Do It - Things are looking up for Miranda's love life when as she finds herself with two dates and two men vying for her affections. As always with Miranda, these things are never simple and she risks losing out on her perfect man.
  4. A New Low - There's a new girl on the scene this week and Miranda and Stevie find it tough going to keep up with her youthful energy and frenetic lifestyle.
  5. Just Act Normal - Miranda has some difficulty convincing people she's not actually having a breakdown.
  6. The Perfect Christmas - Miranda tries to have the perfect Christmas but, with a mum and dad like hers, it's not easy.

Series Three (2012 - 2013)Edit

Miranda was recommissioned for its third series in January 2011. On her official website, Miranda Hart herself revealed that the series should be ready by Autumn 2012. It was later confirmed that the third series would broadcast from 26 December 2012. The series consists of six episodes:

  1. It was Panning - Penny is threatening to cancel Miranda's Christmas if she doesn't sort her life out...
  2. What a Suprise - Penny embarrasses Miranda by running for local councillor with Tilly as her wing man. Gary has put himself on the dating scene and Miranda decides she has to do the same.
  3. The Dinner Party - Miranda has decided to prove to herself and her friends she can officially be an adult. First by looking after a toddler, then, by hosting a dinner party for eight...
  4. Je Regret Nothing - Miranda has been caring for her ill mother for five very long days. Trapped in her flat and being barked at by Penny, she is forced to think about her life regrets.
  5. Three Little Words - Gary is preparing for the grand re-opening of the restaurant. Putting on his best chef whites, he has never looked so attractive to Miranda. Will Stevie persuade her to say what she feels? Or will Penny get in the way as she excitedly stalks her poster boy, Raymond Blanc?
  6. A Brief Encounter - A fed-up Miranda makes a big life decision - she's going travelling. Stevie is devastated but Penny's too preoccupied to notice. Only Gary can stop her - but will he?

Special EpisodesEdit

  1. Miranda's Dance Studio (2010) - in a short sketch for BBC's Comic Relief night, this mini-episode sees Miranda taking over the Pineapple Dance Studios after Louie Spence has to quit. This also sees her work alongside JLS and the Pineapple Dancers.
  2. Michael McIntyre's Christmas Roadshow Sketch - Miranda is set up with Smithy (James Corden ) in a dating-show style sketch. They perform a dance from Dirty Dancing.
  3. Miranda Does Sport Relief (2012) - Stevie and Penny go to the Royal Albert Hall to watch the tennis, while Miranda believes she is attending the Proms. Miranda is mistaken for a male pro and she plays against Tim Henman, before being kissed by Goran Ivanisevic.

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