14 December 2009
2.73 Million
Running time
Production code
Flash sideways
Centric character(s)
2.73 Million
Directed by
Recurring Characters
Supporting Characters
Adrian Scarborough - Charlie
Special Guest Star(s)
Celebrity Appearance(s)
Minor or Uncredited Roles
Archive footage

Dog is the sixth and Final episode of Series 1 and was brocasted on Monday 14th December 2009.The discovery of a handsome stranger's lost wallet in the shop prompts one of Miranda and Stevie's infamous competitions.


A handsome stranger loses his wallet in the joke shop. Who will win over gorgeous "Wallet-man " - will it be Stevie's allure or Miranda's wiles? It takes a Great Dane, a self-defence challenge and some partial nudity in the park to find out.

Meanwhile, the girls' planned trip to Henley Regatta leaves Miranda determined to prove she can cope in a tricky social situation, even without the help of her mother, Penny's, social training or "musical contraceptives". But can she do it in time? Gary is leaving for Hong Kong and his farewell party is Miranda's last chance to tell him how she really feels.but in the end it is Miranda who gets him

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