9 December 2009
2.43 Million
Running time
Production code
Flash sideways
Centric character(s)
2.43 Million
Recurring Characters
Supporting Characters
Adrian Scarborough - Charlie
James Bachman - Quentin
Dominic Coleman - Customer
Alex Hassell - Edmund Dettori
Special Guest Star(s)
Celebrity Appearance(s)
Minor or Uncredited Roles
Archive footage

Excuse is the fifth episode of Series 1 and was broadcasted on BBC One on the 7th December 2009.


After a mortifying wedding experience when the bride just passed Miranda the bouquet, her mother, Penny, is determined to find her daughter a husband. She decides to throw a Pride And Prejudice party in a bid to introduce Miranda to some eligible young men.

In a panicked attempt to get out of going to the party, Miranda gives her mother a number of increasingly bizarre excuses, but Penny is having none of it and insists that the party is happening, regardless.

When Tilly introduces her to "dream boat Charlie", Miranda realises that, despite her hatred of being set up, this could well be her lucky escape from going to the party. Their date at Gary's restaurant starts with Charlie telling her that his nickname comes from an experience he had on a floating brothel and that he likes Miranda because she looks like she could beat him in a fight. The date ends when Miranda throws a glass of wine over herself in an attempt to make a quick exit.

In a last-ditch attempt to stop the party from happening, Miranda announces to her mother that she's a lesbian, much to Penny's delight, who admits she always had her suspicions and understands fully the "lure of the lily". The party is changed to a Tipping The Velvet-themed "coming out" party where Miranda meets someone who could well be the man of her dreams - if only it wasn't for one small problem...

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