Mr. Clayton
Portrayed by
Peter Davidson
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
Episode count
Keith Clayton
Also known as
Monsieur/Mr. Clayton
French Teacher
Family members
Stevie Sutton- Ex-Date

Keith Clayton is the French teacher featured in Teacher .


Before MirandaEdit

He taught french at Miranda's boarding school life, where she took french and Stevie did not, because she wasn't taking a language course in her boarding school years. 

Series 1 


Miranda is reunited with her French teacher, when she and Stevie attend a French Class, so that Miranda can become more comfortable with "sex". However, on arrival, Miranda realises that the teacher was her old French teacher and attempts to leave. Unfortunately for Miranda, she had become stuck in her chair, which soon attracted Mr. Clayton's attention. Miranda tells Mr. Clayton she owned a fashion company, which had gone international and therefore became fluent in German. She then tells him that the chair was part of her new Autumn range. 

The next day Miranda wakes up to find Mr Clayton in her flat. With shock, she throws her orange juice over him which leads them to have a conversation before he goes to have a shower. Whilst talking together, Miranda learns his first name, Keith, and finds it funny to have learnt a teacher's name. 


  • He had sex with his former student's friend
  • His actor, Peter Davison, is best known for portraying the 5th doctor in the British SciFi series Doctor Who

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