Robert "Wallet-Guy" Husband is the owner of the mystery wallet that Miranda and Stevie find dropped on the floor in the shop. He is the subject of Stevie's `allure'. He is adored so much that Miranda and Stevie each get a dog to match his own ('Tigger'), who chases an unfortunate Miranda with her pants around her ankles out of a bush, directly in front of Robert.

Trivia Edit

He goes to a self-defence class, with Terence Maynard as the coach. Unfortunately he doen't turn up when Miranda, Stevie and Gary go to find him there.

His nicknames are: "Robbie", "The Robmeister" and "Rob".

He has a Boxer called Tigger.

Stevie names her Great Dane after him.

He secretly prefers Stevie over Miranda.

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