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Stevie Patrice Sutton (born Stevenne Patricia Sarah Sutton)
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Stevie Patrice Sutton (born Stevenne Patricie Jeanette Sutton) is the manager of Miranda's Joke Shop but most importantly is best friends with Miranda. She appears in every episode except Just Act Normal and is a very significant character.


Stevie was born in the UK.

Series 1Edit


Stevie becomes competitive with Miranda to win over "Wallet Guy", because she wants to prove she has the "allure".


Series 2Edit


Series 3Edit


January 2015 SpecialsEdit

When Miranda gets engaged to Gary, Stevie worries that her fun times with Miranda are over now that Miranda is officially no longer single. Miranda tries to reassure her. However that evening when Miranda and Gary are trying to have sex with Stevie around, Miranda and Gary force Stevie to leave. Stevie later returns to Miranda's side when the engagement is broken. She moved back in with Miranda (second time) to help Miranda get over the grief of Gary. Stevie eventually helps Miranda to get to Gary when she thinks Gary is getting married to someone else.


Stevie is a woman who takes her working life seriously. Managing the joke shop, she finds herself having to motivate Miranda to take work seriously. She uses a cardboard cutout of Heather Small's head on a stick whilst singing "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" thus enabling either character to answer Miranda's questions. Stevie's two main idols are Heather Small and Gary Barlow. Stevie is also quite obsessed with herself and believes she has more luck in romance than Miranda because she's got a gift called 'the allure'.


When not in work-mode, so to speak, Stevie is a loyal friend who supports Miranda in her time of need (being in love with Gary, dealing with the pressures from her mum and so on). It is also important to note that within their friendship, they are also very competitive and find themselves not only competing for certain men (as seen in Dog) but also for very silly things such as who can eat spaghetti bolognese the fastest with chopsticks or who can pop the most bubbles in a set amount of time. Stevie also enjoys playing ridiculous games with Miranda both outside the joke shop and during working hours, like 'Where's Miranda?', 'Biscuit Blizzard', 'Hopper Ball Roulette' etc.


Miranda - Co-worker/ Wife

Tilly - distant friend

Penny- Mother figure

French teacher- hook up


  • "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" (Quoting Heather Small, by using Heather Small (Cut - Out)
  • "You're weird!" (Directed to Miranda )
  • "Are we?" (Common insult to Miranda )
  • "You're tiny little weirdo" (Miranda to Stevie)
  • "Long way up, short way down, GO!" must think of a plan Stevie and Miranda



  • She's kind of a big sister guiding Miranda
  • She feels excluded and abandoned by Miranda when Miranda becomes engaged to Gary Preston
  • Stevie's son, Arthur Sutton, was born when she was 16, she raised him alone he doesn't appear in the series
  • At the age of 18, she legally changed her name to "Stevie" from Stevenne (Steven)
  • She had sex with a French teacher that taught at her boarding school, during the series. She did not have that teacher for a teacher during her boarding school years because she took German for a language and it was Miranda who took French.
    • Stevie attended only a few years of boarding school, long enough to befriend Miranda but not long enough for her to be posh like boarding school girls
    • She became even better friends with Miranda when Miranda attended university.
  • Whenever Miranda and Stevie do the "Long way up, short way down, GO!", Brian (Gary's waiter) is always washing dishes)
  • She's always wanted to open her own Build-A-Bear
  • Thanks to a themed coming out party, Miranda and Stevie had to do a lesbian role play in order for Miranda not to be set up for her "coming out party"