"Oh, Queen Kong, you are such a dweeb."

Stinky Von Tusse
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The New Me
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Augustina von Tusse
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Augustina "Stinky" von Tusse is an old boarding-school friend of Miranda and Tilly's. Her known name is her boarding school nickname.


Early Life

She was born in England. She attended boarding school when she was 9. Stinky was Head Girl of the boarding school that Miranda, Fanny and Tilly attended. She met Gary at boarding school as well, because the all boys boarding school and the all girls boarding school were in partnership, and merged for the college years (High School).

Series 2Edit

The New MeEdit

When Stinky comes to town to visit Tilly, Tilly drags Miranda with her because it would make it less embarrassing for her. Whilst discussing Stinky, Tilly laughs hysterically as she recalls one event where Stinky imacc-ed a squirrel. When Miranda, Tilly and Stinky meet up for lunch in a sushi restaurant, Miranda accidentally gets hooked up with the automatic carousel, damaging the sushi restaurant which results in the trio escaping quickly.

Later, Stinky is seen with Tilly in the restaurant in which she is last seen running after Danny, who departed to Birmingham to check out the new job that Gary suggested, leaving Tilly alone.  

Stinky is extremely successful and rich, as well as a snob.   

Let's Do It

Stinky is briefly mentioned when Tilly is attempting to organise her wedding to Rupert, implying she was due to attend the wedding ceremony. 

Series 3 Edit

It Was Panning Edit

Stinky is mentioned by Tilly, while she is with Stevie and Miranda at the restaurant. Stinky had texted Tilly, suggesting that they take up the extracurricular activity of Banzai, which is "bonsai with aggressive bushes".

Off ScreenEdit

Stinky ends up dating Danny and they eventually marry.


Stinky appears to be incredibly similar to Tilly in her mannerisms and fits the stereotype of a Boarding School Person.

Physical appearance Edit

Stinky is a woman in her 30s with short, stylish chestnut brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She is seen as wearing fashionable clothes to top even Tilly's.


"Are we lucksville in love?" directed at Miranda in the sushi bar. 

"Oh, Queen Kong, you are such a dweeb." (when Miranda has to "mount [the] travolator")


  • She like most of the characters beats down on Miranda, thinking badly of her
  • Because she was head girl, she is likely a couple of years older than Miranda and Tilly
  • She's not very nice to Miranda
  • How Stinky got her name; Augustina "Stinky"