The Perfect Christmas
Miranda episode 0206b
20 November 2010
4.70 Million
Running time
Production code
Flash sideways
Centric character(s)
4.70 Million
Recurring Characters
Supporting Characters
Adam Rayner - Dr. Gail
Louisa Rix - Jennifer
Steve Speirs - Ray (Postal worker)
Beth Chalmers - Angela
Special Guest Star(s)
Tom Conti - Charles
Celebrity Appearance(s)
Minor or Uncredited Roles
Archive footage

A Perfect Christmas is the sixth episode of Series 2 and was broadcasted on the 20th December 2010. It was used as a Christmas Special. This episode marks the last appearance of Clive.


With her mother's organisational chart, her father's obsession with the weather and a nightmare "best Christmas jumper party", Miranda decides she simply can't take any more and she and Stevie escape, spending Christmas in Miranda's flat with Gary, Clive and Tilly instead.

However, as usual, things still don't run smoothly. The presents she ordered online don't arrive, she has an infuriating encounter at the post office, a run in with some carol singers, argues with her friends and is forced back to her parents. Can Miranda salvage the situation and have a merry Christmas after all?

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