Three Little Words
21 January 2013
6.39 (Overnight)
Running time
Production code
Flash sideways
Centric character(s)
6.39 (Overnight)
Written by
Directed by
Recurring Characters
Dominic Coleman - Customer
Supporting Characters
Special Guest Star(s)
Celebrity Appearance(s)
Minor or Uncredited Roles
Archive footage

Three Little Words is the fifth episode of Series 3. It guests-star, celebrity musician, Gary Barlow. It will be broadcasted on 21st January 2013.


Gary is preparing for the grand re-opening of the restaurant. Putting on his best chef whites, he has never looked so attractive to Miranda. Will Stevie persuade her to say what she feels? Or will Penny now as part of season 4 new series when Miranda and Stevie fianlly get together


The happy love story of Miranda and Mike slowly crumbles when Mike tells Miranda he loves her but she is unable to say it back without going into comical defensive mode. No matter how many times he says it she cannot form a mature response. With Stevie’s guidance she realises that the reason she cannot say it is because she is not in love with him, in fact she loves Gary.  However Miranda has to overcome some difficult obstacles before she can tell Gary. She has to end her relationship with Mike but not everything is so simple. Miranda is her own worst enemy. Every time she tries to speak to him she retreats into comical antics to the point that Mike believes she does not want to break up with him, she just wants to break up with her current gas provider. Confrontation is certainly not one of Miranda’s strongest traits. Stevie and an unnamed shop customer come to Miranda’s aid to overcome her own problems so she can finally admit her feelings to Gary. However, there’s a few things getting in the way. Gary has his own issues – he has bought the restaurant and is running around frantically to ensure everything is ready for opening night. Mike’s family dog is dying so he is distracted, and Gary’s old flame, Rose, returns to place even greater pressure on Miranda. Stevie comes to the rescue to dispose of Rose and her plan results in her kissing Gary; this is all to Rose’s, Miranda’s horror. Miranda threatens she will kiss Stevie’s Gary (Gary Barlow) if she ever met him. Moving swiftly on, Stevie and her unnamed companion set up a perfect picnic for Miranda and Gary. It is a beautiful scene and there is music in the air, literally, Miranda is ready to reveal her feelings to Gary when the scene is interrupted by geese. Stevie wanted to make the meeting perfect by getting doves but sadly she could only find geese. Miranda’s hopes are quashed as they are chased throughout the park. Miranda gathers her courage for the opening night of Gary’s restaurant but as always nothing goes to plan... ==Promotional Images==

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